Introducing AthletAR

There are over 1 Billion Smart TVs and media streamers worldwide. There is a new generation of sports fans that expect an equivalent experience whether there are playing soccer on their favorite console, or watching televised sports. But most events are broadcasted the same way as 20 years ago...

We decided that the time is ripe for a revolution in the way we fans watch sports. Imagine you never lose sight of the puck watching a hockey game. Imagine you can get basketball player statistics instantaneously on your screen with interactive markers identifying and following players. All this is possible with AthletAR: ‚Äča Smart TV/Streamer application that analyses broadcast data and creates a near real time hybrid reality on screen. AthletAR creates an engaging experience for sports fans, and brings in new audiences to spectator sports.

Our Vision

Is to revolutionize the way people watch sports on any smart device.

Our Mission

Is to provide sports fans with an interactive and compelling viewing experience.


AR Technology

Our AR software application requires only a smart TV or a simple streamer that are common in most households, and by using machine vision and deep learning technologies, our application creates a much more compelling experience of live sport broadcasts.

Multiple Sport Genres

We are not focusing on just one sport, AthletAR enhances the most favorite sport genres out there, if it's hockey, tennis, basketball or football, all these popular sport broadcasts can be upgraded with the AthletAR experience!

Know More

We are creating a more sophisticated experience for sport fans, by providing additional information and perspective on the game, on the players, and on specific game moves. The sdvanced sport statistics and analytics are seamless integrated into the live sport events.